The Training

A dedicated environment for you to grow skills, experience and confidence.

**NEW** 2021 Training Dates:

April 2nd-11th (10 days)

May 29th- June 8th (11 days)

June 26th and 27th (2 days)


Moons Yoga Loft, Newtown Park Avenue, Blackrock

Training Investment:

€600 Booking Deposit (Non Refundable)

€2750 Full Price


We've created a unique three pronged approach to help you grow into a potent, safe and relevant yoga teacher.

A) Exploring the Material

Gaining in depth knowledge on what happens behind the scenes of a yoga class. Exploring the width and depth of techniques, structures and intentionality of asana, meditation and breathwork.Diving in deeply into anatomy, body energetics and philosophy.

Module One: Asana Lab

Module Two: Pranayama 

Module Three: Meditation 

Module Five: Relevant & Authentic Yoga Philosophy and Evolution

Module Six: Body Energetics (Subtle Anatomy) 

Module Four: Yoga related Anatomy & Physiology

B) Living the Material

This is where you get to deepen your own personal practice and understanding. Transforming not only your physical practice but also how you relate your experiences off the mat into your life.

Module One: The Art of Practicing

Module Two: The Art of Transformation

C) Teaching the Material

A great teacher is not only defined by knowledge but by their ability to connect to students and share the material in a meaningful and relevant way. This part of the training will help you develop all the skills to create powerful, safe and potent classes. It will help you refine your own understanding, vision and voice so you can feel confident in your own teaching expression.

Module One: Class Planning and Sequencing

Module Six: Use of Props

Module Two: Teaching Skills and Practice

Module Seven: Teaching & Life Vision

Module Three: Language & Voice 

Module Eight: Creating a Sustainable Yoga Business

Module Four: Presence as a Teacher

Module Nine: Transitioning into Life after Training

Module Five: Hands-on-Assists

"This was really an incredible experience. I am so very glad that I got the chance to undertake this training. The people I met were really amazing and they still provide support and encouragement to this day - all really beautiful people from all different walks of life."

Testimonials from our Graduates

"I definitely felt prepared to go out in to the real world and start teaching yoga straight away. I felt knowledgeable and confident in my abilities as a teacher. I also had identified the areas that I needed to do further work on.""

"Naomi & Sibylle put together a fantastic course and created the most amazing three weeks. They were unbelievably patient, generous with their time and knowledge, and so supportive. Still to this day they check in by email to see if we are doing alright or to let us know about upcoming job opportunities. That is really going above and beyond but I appreciate it more than I can say."

"This course was an amazing adventure and experience for me. I'm glad I decided to go for it. I've learned a lot about my strengths and did very well overcoming my weaknesses- so I'm extremely proud of myself. Teachers did great job, and I think it was timed very well, I feel confident if I wanted to teach anytime soon. Atmosphere between students was unbelievable, love, trust and caring for each other- I'm grateful for getting to meet all those amazing people."


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