• Naomi Sturdy

Teachers with Heart

No matter what your reasons are for being interested in completing a Yoga teacher training, no matter what direction you will take your new skills and insights, there is no denying the positive impact the experience can have for you.

Wherever you choose to go, the places you work, the people you meet, you will show up with a new way of seeing yourself and others. Seeing through the eyes of a teacher changes your perspective on learning, on the needs of others, on communicating, on kindness, compassion and sharing.

You can gain a sense of true heart for yourself and others and the world needs more leaders, more teachers, more individuals with heart. Families, communities, work places need people who understand themselves and others, who can empower themselves and others to do what is right.

We all need people who can tell us, who can explain to us, who can show us how to do things, to allow and enable us to understand, to equip us with new skills to make the right choices towards a healthy and happy life.

Education and learning is a key to connecting and compassion. For any problems we have faced, are facing, we need teachers, we need those who will inspire, lead and help us believe.

We need those who create space for discovery, creativity and invention.

We need those who will allow for potential to be explored, for setbacks to be navigated and for modifying and adapting.

We need those who are connected to themselves, who are grounded, who feel their emotions, who are aware of their needs and their boundaries, who have explored and learned, so they can show us how it is done.

We all may have ‘bad’ teacher experiences or stories, things we feel that may have been harmful or destructive, but for every positive step we have taken in life, for every growth, every move forwards, there has been someone somewhere who was a ‘good’ teacher, a good example and has shown the way.

If you take a step towards a Yoga teacher training, you get an opportunity to tune in and take time to ask yourself how you want to teach, how you want to show up, how you want to give to yourself and others.

A Yoga Teacher Training is more than gaining knowledge, theories or facts to share with others, it is an opportunity to recognise the value of connection, of becoming your true self and shining a light for others.

It is a step on your path to being in the world with all your heart and soul.


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