What is the timetable each day like and is there flexibility on attendance?

There will be 8 hours practice and study each day on the course.

The day starts at 7.45am each day and ends at 5.30/6pm Monday -Friday. Saturday and Sunday will have a slight variation during the day to account for studio class timetable 

100% attendance is required on all days of the 200 hour teacher training, however if there are any problems, please speak to us and we will discuss options. Hours that have to be missed can be made up on following training courses in certain circumstances.

What Yoga Lineage or type of Yoga does this training align to?

We will be leading this teacher training primarily based on Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga with a focus on alignment based physical practice and creating flowing sequences. Both Naomi and Sinead have a wide background in other yoga and physical practices and these elements will be integrated into the course.

What level do of physical practice do you expect from trainees?

As you enter a training course to teach Yoga it is important that you have experience of attending classes yourself, that you enjoy the physical practice and passionate about sharing this with others.

What is most important for any training is that you have the right mindset-that you wish to commit to our training to our best ability and that you are open to learning and improving as a student and in becoming a teacher.

What type of Philosophy or History of Yoga is covered?

In this training course there will be an in depth study into the history of yoga, how it began, its roots in India and its evolution to the West.  The foundational philosophical texts on Yoga will be studied from which all of todays strands of Yoga have developed.  The philosophy will be explored in terms of how it can be weaved into your own classes in teaching and how themes can be developed through the physical practice and meditation.

Are there aspects of Meditation and Mindfulness covered on the course? 

Yes, you will learn how to practice Meditation and different types of meditation that you can teach in your classes.  You will learn also about Mindfulness and its development and how these practices can also be interweaved into your classes, in the way you teach and how students can learn.

What will be taught in terms of the Business of Yoga?

In terms of Business of Yoga, there will be a range of topics covered to give you more insight in where you want to take your Yoga teaching.  Topics on income, decision making, customer care and marketing will all be explored as well as planning and creating the right strategy and approach for you going forward.

What support is provided as a trainee transitions to teaching for the first time?

As you learn throughout the teacher training you will be given many opportunities to practice teaching and to develop the skills required to lead Yoga classes.  You will be given support from Naomi and Sinead on decision making and what steps you can take to begin your first classes and through the support from other studios we work with there will opportunities to practice teaching in a public setting.

Am I qualified to teach when I finish the course?

Once you have completed the course and assessments, you will be a certified, fully recognised Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance (RYT 200) and can begin teaching as soon as you wish anywhere in the world.

If a trainee has never taught before will they be able for the course? 

Yes! Trainees are not expected to have taught before or to have experience in teaching.  On the course you will learn all the skills needed to take you to the level of a teacher.

If I’m not sure about teaching in the future can I still study on this course? 

Even if you are not sure if you want to teach in the future, you can still benefit hugely from all the skills you will gain.  Learning how to teach can help give you great life skills, such as public speaking, communicating effectively, confidence in front of others, ability to inspire, motivate and encourage others and many more!  You will also gain a lot of knowledge on Yoga, yourself and developing your practice. 

If you would like to speak to us on any of these questions/ideas/aspects of the teacher training course, please do get in touch, we would love to help.

What kind of assessments can I expect on this training course?

There will be continuous assessment throughout the Intensive. Assessments will be both written and practical.  The aim of the training is to ensure that you are confident and capable for assessments so you will be guided and prepared each step of the way. All assessments are designed to help you get the most out of the training and benefit from as you qualify as a teacher.

Are there reading materials that I need to get and will there be handbooks/manuals for this training?

Once your application has been processed and you are confirmed to attend this training you will receive a reading list prior to the training commencing.  There will be no specific manual on this training course, we will provide you with any handouts etc that are beneficial and use the reading materials for the course.

Who will teach each module?  Will I see both trainers everyday?

Both Naomi and Sinead will be teaching you throughout the training.  There are some specific modules that they will teach individually, but they will both be available for any advice, support and help you need during the training.



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